B Corporations & Community

B Corps are going the extra mile every day to do business for good, but their greatest impact often begins locally with their employees doing good in their very own neighbourhoods. A well-thought-out, planned, and executed community engagement program strengthens the bonds, skills, health, and resilience of employees and communities alike. Phil helps B Corps lead with their values and structure their giving-back programs so they become effortless and sustainable.

Key challenges

Align your company & community needs

Your local not-for-profits are hungry for the right kind of help. Let Phil take you on the journey to discover your company’s culture of volunteering and structure it in a way that aligns with a similarly valued and sized charity. Understanding the logistics and realities of both sides of a community engagement program goes a long way towards ensuring its success.

Create a simple & sustainable process

A long-lasting, committed community engagement program needs strategy, planning, and regular check-ins. To be able to measure your initiative’s progress and find ways to adapt to changing realities for your business and chosen community organization you need practical plans, budgets, and tracking processes.

Improve your impact on workers, communities & more

Volunteering can help teams forge stronger bonds with each other, learn new skills, advance their career, and even feel happier and healthier. Community organizations that receive recurring, long-term, and meaningful support from local businesses are more resilient and have a greater impact on those they serve. When it comes time for B Corp recertification, one effective community engagement program will affect more than just your community score.


I really liked exploring our employee volunteer program with the Phil team. Our conversations really helped us reflect on how to structure this program and allowed us to have a first quick win with GivingTuesday that was really exciting for the entire team. The workshops were really well done, and it was great to have the entire team participate.”

Halina Torresan

Sustainable Marketing Director - The Unscented Company

Case study

The Unscented Company

The environmentally and sustainability-focused home and body care product company Unscented needed support in building their community engagement program. Phil helped structure their donating and volunteering philosophy and built a strategy to get them started on a partnership with a local charity that has blossomed ever since.