Blueprint your best year-end ask: Phil shares how to stand out from the crowd in new webinar

    So you want to get in on the biggest fundraising opportunity of the year? The numbers show us 12% of all giving happens in the last three days of the calendar year. Maximizing your year-end ask campaign can do wonders for your fundraising, and while starting several months in advance is ideal it is entirely possible to pull off a great last-minute year-end ask. With flexible giving options, community-centric fundraising, hybrid events, and donor-advised funds on the rise, there is much to learn about calling special attention to your cause.

    Founder and CEO, Kim Fuller says “don’t panic!”
    Kim covers all the bases from integrating digital into each part of your campaign to trying something new in the P.S. section of your request. Watch her webinar on year-end asks to hear unique tips and tricks for appealing to donors.

    Here are some key takeaways from this fast-paced webinar:

    1. Get back to the basics: Segment your audience! Personalizing the letter or email provides a friendlier, and more accurate, invitation to give.
    2. Matching gifts: This can help especially to reach younger demographics.
    3. Show how your cause is worthy: When going in on direct mail, consider including an article relevant to your cause–donors will see the issue is topical and feel motivated to give support.
    4. Be sincere in your gratitude: Framing your recognition as a transaction can disappoint donors and make them feel like just another number, so add that personal touch.
    5. Recycle: If you’re short on time, you don’t have to create a brand new end-of-year funding campaign every year.
    6. GivingTuesday: Capitalize on the global day for giving and inspire donors to give to your cause and be part of the movement.
    7. P.S. Get creative with your P.S.! 90% of people read the PS before the letter, so give a special twist or fact at the ending that will incite curiosity.

    Find out how to choose the signatory and theme of your year-end ask, tips for direct mail letters in the digital age, and how turning your homepage into a donation page can boost your fundraising. Don’t wait to watch this webinar!

    Ready to discuss how we can assist in creating a compelling case for donor support, segmenting donors, and giving you that strategic support to set your eyes on where you want your year-end ask to take you? Book a conversation with Phil – we always have time to talk.

    Find Kim’s helpful webinar below, and follow us on social media for announcements about future webinars!