Mission-driven businesses

The first rule of mission-driven business is “no margin, no mission”. Having a sound financial strategy is an essential element in your long-term success but without an action map that reflects your unique qualities as a sustainable business you will be doing a lot of trial and error. It is forward-thinking leaders who have the courage to run their businesses as vehicles for doing good. It is not a surprise they are being embraced by their customers and employees alike.

Key challenges

Stand out for your efforts

Consumers are hungry to engage with businesses that align the needs of people and planet with profit. Doing good isn’t the hard part — the challenge is showing people you do good. Creative marketing campaigns can turn heads and engaging brands can turn customers into advocates, but authentic storytelling is what helps the public identify and support a great business.

Plan for the future

Most entrepreneurs barely have the time to eat or sleep, let alone build a detailed strategic plan. Yet the undeniable truth is that sound planning creates clarity, saves time, and makes growing a business easier. Employees, partners, and even customers who understand an organization’s long-term goals are more likely to share and support your mission.

Hire and retain top talent

Building a great team begins with fostering a culture rooted in a central mission and goals. It’s important to understand that culture is so much more than a work environment or set of policies — it comprises everything you think, say, do, and how you live each day. It can be deliberately designed and carefully shaped, and no culture is so deeply entrenched that it cannot be rescued and improved.


I really liked exploring our employee volunteer program with the Phil team. Our conversations really helped us reflect on how to structure this program and allowed us to have a first quick win with GivingTuesday that was really exciting for the entire team. The workshops were really well done, and it was great to have the entire team participate.”

Halina Torresan

Sustainable Marketing Director - The Unscented Company

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