The diminishing role of government has focused more attention on philanthropic giving by foundations. Funders want to be more than what Dwight MacDonald of the Ford Foundation cheekily defined as “a body of money completely surrounded by people who want some.” By establishing decisive social benchmarks that can realistically be achieved, you can distance yourself from being an ATM and take an active role in effecting change in the sector.

Key challenges

Measuring impact

Funders are under greater scrutiny than ever to show proof of their impact and make every dollar count. An impact measurement plan acts as a touchstone for every funding decision you make, allowing you to quickly gather and disseminate results to your stakeholders.

Eliminating silos

Harness the power of productive collaboration. By strategically seeking out partnerships with charities and related foundations, you can yield better results for your cause. Making lasting change means bridging the experience of like-minded innovators in the sector and forging a concentrated alliance.

Board succession

Finding the ideal candidate to advance the important work your foundation has achieved is a process that requires reflection and guidance. By strategically planning for the succession of your board, you have the opportunity to radiate your knowledge and experience without being pressured to fill gaps by unexpected departures or burnouts.


“Phil is more than an agency, they are an extension of your team as they quickly come to understand your organization and get to know the people involved. Working at the intersection of strategy, communications, and development, their expertise is well rounded and unique. They are strong collaborators who truly help non-profits build ambitious, achievable plans and communicate their mission clearly with the world.”

Thomas Ledwell

Senior Director, Global Development and Alumni - Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

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