How to create perfect content, without writing it


Content is King. Long live the King. But sometimes it can be weary to keep a tight content calendar while being inspired in writing it. The writer’s block is a familiar concept, no need to elaborate on that.

So what is the solution? It’s simple: don’t write.

It is as easy as that. You don’t have to be the only person making sure content gets pushed out. In fact, it is a better idea to share the voice. Your organisation has a content strategy and guidelines for it’s social media presence, right? Right? (This is the part where you make sure you do if it’s not already the case). Since you do, everybody on your team is aware of the tone, style and strategy behind every piece of content that your organisation puts out on social media or on your blog. Therefore, they can all contribute to your online presence. Not only will it ensure you increase the original content flowing through your gates; this increase will also generate more online traffic.

Who’s in charge?

The best way to achieve such a practice is to plan ahead. It is no big secret, yet it is a key component. Every person already has a full plate of daily tasks. Giving people longer periods of time to write their pieces will ensure they are not rushed and can write when feeling inspired. For this to work properly, the person in charge of your content publishing and strategy has to agree on delivery and reviewing dates with the “new” writer(s).

Referral traffic

Sharing the social media voice with your colleagues is also a great way to get traffic from their respective networks. They will be proud to showcase their contribution and everyone will benefit from it. Their topics can be different than what you usually talk about. You could have a graphic designer talk about his job, his motivations, some volunteering he’s done and it would all be great content. Add a few keywords for SEO in there and you will have the attention of a whole new spectra of readers.   

Power to the people

Sharing the platform space and the  power to contribute with your employees or colleagues is also a great sign of trust. Ask everyone you know if being valued and appreciated in their work environment is important and you know what answer you will get. Feeling like your contribution is needed for a project’s success is a very powerful tool to improve the loyalty of your employees and boost their motivation.  

Less is more

Don’t confuse this strategy with laziness; it’s not. Next time you plan your incoming content calendar, try to delegate a bit more and let those who know some of the nuts and bolts of your organisation expose their side of the story. Who knows, there might be a blogging genius hidden in a project manager’s disguise right beside you. Did you notice?

Written by Franck Bernard, New Media Coordinator @Phil