Alaina Pert

Account Director, she/her

Alaina brings to the table her sharp ability to translate an organisation’s objectives into a captivating narrative that resonates with their stakeholders and beyond.

As Account Director, Alaina handles client project development and guides the creation of effective communications strategy outcomes with unmatched dynamism and zest.

Having a journalism degree from Concordia University, she is trained in the art of impactful storytelling, inspiring audiences to action with her words. She brings her eternal learner mindset to each client relationship she embarks on, soaking in new ideas, angles, and information in order to build the bigger picture and widen the breadth of her knowledge. Once she has eyes on the larger working process, she is adept at tweaking it to make it better for everyone involved.

She believes that grassroots communities are worth their weight in gold, that’s why she co-founded a non-profit solidarity cooperative to respond to the needs of underserved parents in a southern Montreal neighbourhood. Her experiences with participatory democracy in various educational settings has given her insight on the value of integrating diversity in decision-making circles. Phil’s ethos line up perfectly with Alaina’s sincere hope for a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

When ethical, systemic thinking needs a creative intermission, she loves to listen to music from all around the world, never shying away from a funky beat or foreign lyrics. An ardent gardener, graceful bicyclist, and non-fiction reader, Alaina ultimately dedicates her life to trying new things.

The wheels in her mind never stop turning, asking herself George Bernard Shaw’s words, “you see things; and you say ‘why’? But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘why not’?”