Not-for-profits & charities

Charities and not-for-profits rely on donations from government, foundations, individuals and businesses. However, many are not fully equipped with the necessary skills, resources, and time to efficiently reach their funders. Ironically, the strength and health of organizations hinges on how well their relationship with funders is cultivated.

Key challenges


Increasing financial stability is the core goal of many organizations in the not-for-profit world. By developing an actionable plan for sustainable fundraising, charitable organizations are less at the mercy of the whims of funding bodies and more in control of their mission and how they achieve it.

Digital + Data

Viewing technology as an ally to maximize your mission is the new normal. It is no longer a nice-to-have element in today’s competitive landscape – your online presence and the responsiveness that technology allows is an important way to engage with your audience and partners. The use of technology enables you to better segment your audiences, respond to their philanthropic aspirations and improve your relationship with stakeholders.

Brand & cause awareness

Transparency develops trust. Telling human stories is a way to open up and connect with people who want to better understand how you make an impact in the world. By growing and engaging your audience, you can capture the hearts and minds of the public and the media.

Case study

Missing Children’s Network

For 33 years, the Missing Children’s Network has worked with families, law-enforcement, and social service agencies to assist in the search for missing children, and to educate the public about children’s personal safety and the prevention of their exploitation and disappearances.


Phil guided us through the creation of our communications plan and UNIS pour le Phare campaign. Their dynamic, enthusiastic and creative team is allowing this campaign to grow stronger every day. The tools Phil designed for the UNIS pour le Phare and Le Père Noël du Phare campaigns have fuelled lots of attention and interaction towards increasing public awareness of our cause. And working with Kim and her team is always a great pleasure!

Manon Durocher

Former Director of Fundraising and Communications, The Lighthouse Children and Families

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