Cyber Exploitation


Raising awareness among youth about the impact of sending intimate images via social media, smartphones or other digital devices was the objective of the “Full Celebre” campaign initiated by a coalition of nonprofit organizations concerned about the issue. By developing a resource rich website, social media posts, and print advertising that allowed people to understand the harmful consequences that can affect innocent lives, Phil gave this campaign the tools for making a resounding impact.


The images were chosen by a group of young people who were consulted during the development of the campaign. The shocking image of a young girl with a paper bag on her head struck a chord with them over all the other images presented. According to Statistics Canada, in 2012, overall, 42% of victims of police-reported cybercrime were under the age of 18. Almost all (96%) victims of sexual violations associated with a cybercrime were under 18 years of age, including 10% of victims under the age of 12.


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