Impact Management & the Sustainable Development Goals

Finally a better way to measure what matters for your organization.

The social sector is changing. It’s becoming harder to attract the attention of funders. Governments, foundations, and impact investors are raising the bar and requiring better evaluation and evidence of your social impact. We understand that meaningfully measuring and communicating your work in the social sector is often a daunting and difficult endeavor.

A better way to measure what matters

Using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework, to categorize social good is the first step to measuring and communicating your impact in a more meaningful way. The 17 SDGs, adopted by the UN member states in 2015, are the world’s to-do list for how to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. This shared language has been adopted by funders, governments, academic institutions, private sector actors, and nonprofits around the world.

Align with the global framework for a sustainable future.

Measure what matters so you can prove and improve your outcomes for the communities you serve.

Phil provides SDG impact training, tested advice, and communications tools that are uniquely tailored to your organization. The end goal is a clear and compelling impact report and a process for data-driven decision-making that will help your organization amplify its mission.

Phil’s SDG Impact Planning – a turnkey solution for organizations

We guide you through the process of identifying, planning, managing, and reporting the impact your organization has on achieving the sustainable development targets set out by the United Nations.

Three interactive learning workshops for your team and board members

Collaborative exploration of the SDG targets that you have the most impact on

Development of an authentic impact statement for your organization

Customized strategic impact plan that aligns your current activities within the SDG framework

Comprehensive training on the different monitoring and evaluation tools for impact management

Creation of a compelling and engaging impact report that includes original graphics, a mix of data, and storytelling to prove your impact to stakeholders

We really enjoyed the first session on ‘Understanding the SDGs and Impact Management’

and look forward to identifying the goals we align with and setting realistic objectives. I also feel that these sessions are good for teambuilding – the timing is perfect with our team working from home”

Pina Arcamone, Executive Director, Missing Children’s Network

Here’s a breakdown of the process involved in Phil’s SDG Impact Planning.

Mapping Impact

We help you understand the Sustainable Development Goals and take a deep dive to identify the SDG targets that align with your organization’s priorities. Then, we establish your starting point by using logic modelling and other impact mapping techniques to clearly demonstrate how your organization creates change in a simple and visual way.

Measuring Impact

We help you measure your current activities. We have already done the work behind the scenes to identify existing indicators that are relevant for your particular field of work in four different impact areas: community, environment, people (workforce), and governance. We guide you in choosing the data to collect to meet your specific information needs and provide you with the tools you need to gather it.

Planning Better Impact

We help you link the indicators you choose to your planned outputs. Then we work with you to set realistic but ambitious outcome metrics to track not only how much work you carried out, but how well you made a difference. There is no single, uniform methodology for measuring and reporting organizational progress on the SDGs. So we drew on best practices to create a framework for matching your outcome metrics to the relevant SDG targets, essentially creating a benchmark that demonstrates the extent of your organization’s contribution to the world’s to-do list.

Proving Impact

Using a mix of data collection, indicators, and storytelling, we will help you create a consistent impact narrative. You can then pull pieces of information from this narrative to meet the needs of your different audiences. It could be in the form of a report, videos, social media posts, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Improving Impact for years to come!

We help you adjust your plans given the results of your impact report. By using the information you collect for reporting, your organization’s impact grows overtime thanks to evidence-based decision-making.

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