Meet the team

Teamwork makes the dream work. 

With dedicated teamwork, the Phil family triumphs non-profit communications, sharing our victories together and supporting our personal and collective growth. At the end of a hard day’s work, we can usually be found celebrating the little things in life over good food and Guinness.

We love to strategize, communicate, market, project manage, design, program and fundraise.

Kim Fuller

Founder & CEO
[email protected]
514.932.0314 x21

Rina Albala

Marketing Director
[email protected]
514.932.0314 x27

Alaina Pert

Content Strategist
[email protected]
514.932.0314 x29

Amélie Côté

Senior Designer
[email protected]
514.932.0314 x24

Jean-François Perrault

Senior Communications Specialist
[email protected]
514.932.0314 x45

Aurelia Talvela

Epenge Kabasele

Project Manager
[email protected]
514.932.0314 x31

Elissa Mrad

Human Resources Specialist
[email protected]
514.932.0314 x44

Moussou Diaby

[email protected]

Christelle Kouadio

Partnership Development & Communications
[email protected]
514.932.0314 x35

Katie John

[email protected]
514.932.0314 x32

Katherine Mac Donald

Fundraising & communications
[email protected]
514.932.0314 x43

Deborah Hinton

[email protected]
514.932.0314 x23

Adam Lazaris

Brand Strategy
[email protected]
514.932.0314 x36

Rachel Renaud

[email protected]
514.932.0314 x26

Sidra Khan

Client Services Coordinator
[email protected]

Rola Helou

Tamara Chanoine

Marketing and communication / Project Management
[email protected]
514.932.0314 x37

Sophie Martin

Communications & PR
[email protected]
514.932.0314 x25


For our numerous digital projects, we are proud to partner with Manoverboard, a fellow B Corp and a purpose-driven design studio that provides digital platforms and branding to nonprofits, foundations, educational institutions and conscious companies. Manoverboard has a mission to create a better world, by design.

Do you want to be part of the team?

Send your CV to [email protected] and tell us about yourself.