Alaina Pert

Packing a journalism degree and many years of communications experience under her belt, she is a consummate storyteller.

Carefully listening and being curious, knowing that everyone has a story. These tales are the fabric of our humanity, helping us transgress borders and tap into the essence of what makes us tick.

Alaina believes that grassroot communities are worth their weight in gold. Springboarding from that maxim, she united young families looking for an alternative in Montreal by co-founding a non-profit solidarity cooperative with 7 other women and rallied more than 50 families to join in on the fun. Managing complex projects and braving new frontiers are part of her DNA, she relishes in the challenge. Phil’s values lined up perfectly with Alaina’s sincere hope for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Passionate about the cooperative and education sectors, she has been a board member at both an elementary school and preschool, and participated as a parent resource at Concordia University’s Observation Nursery – Department of Education. She can often be found buying odd vegetables at Jean Talon market to use in culinary experiments.