Anick Bouchard

Identifying underlying issues and outstanding opportunities by way of a clear and concise dialogue with clients allows Anick to go beyond traditional strategic planning. 

This Quebec City native brings her experienced perspective and her ethos of compassion and empathy to the table every time she begins a new professional relationship, be it with not-for-profit organizations or large corporations. With more than 24 years of experience working on a wide range of projects, including the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, Regroupement des maisons de jeunes du Québec, and Fondation du Collège Jean-Eudes, this savvy communications strategist has a full breadth of tools at her disposal.

Becoming a collaborator at Phil came naturally to Anick – discarding the silo mentality that is common place in some organizations, she firmly believes in the power of the village to create change. She was attracted to Phil because of its B-Corp status – curious about a service business that stands out. Her energy and inquisitiveness are the driving force behind the creation of unique strategic tools, instead of static reports, that leaders can use to move forward on a new found path that inspires action.

Anick loves being outdoors and trying out new things. She is the kind of person who would  buy a plane ticket without booking the hotel, try a restaurant without reading a review  – ready to explore where the wind takes her.