Aurelia Talvela

Strategic Advisor, she/her

Aurelia is a multilingual communicator with mad skills. Much the global thinker, she loves researching and planning to complete the puzzle and guide clients toward their mission and goals.

She stays on top of current industry trends, knowledge, and best practices, all the while effectively communicating with clients to make traversing an increasingly competitive and fast-paced environment enjoyable. Indeed, Aurelia is ultra-efficient at drilling down through the layers of a project, always making sure that everyone involved feels supported.

When she first came to Canada in 2016, it was the fifth country she had moved to in three years. Quite literally, Aurelia knows how to navigate an ever-changing landscape, and she does so with ardour and grace. An avid and curious learner, she finds endless fulfilment in applying her constantly-growing knowledge to come up with adaptive solutions for each client’s situation. During her Master of Arts in Communication and Media Studies, she dove into research at Concordia University’s Intersectionality Research Hub, an experience which showed her the importance of approaching social issues through the lens of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Aurelia’s zeal for social justice and systemic change shines through on every project she pursues.

With her bright smile, warm demeanour, and sharp eye for detail, Aurelia loves to make deep connections with clients, earning their complete trust to let her do her thing: surpass expectations while delivering clean, fruitful strategies. Having established B Local Quebec—a newly formed nonprofit which supports and connects certified local B Corps—she personally understands the unique challenges leaders face in the sector. It is her mission to empower those on the frontlines to know and fulfil their own greatness.

At the end of the work day, Aurelia unwinds by getting down to earth, literally. She finds endless joy in being a plant mom, made clear by the fact her apartment is filled to the brim with happy, healthy plants. When she is not taking care of plants, she is eating them: Aurelia is a satisfied vegetarian. 


A peek into Aurelia’s life

Inspiration strikes her every time she returns to the quote, “the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off” by Gloria Steinem: her words also remind Aurelia that paying close attention to systemic issues is key to her supporting Phil’s mission.