Aurelia Talvela

With her heightened sense of curiosity and the deep-rooted belief that everyone has a story worth telling, Aurelia is a multilingual communicator with mad skills.

She is ultra-efficient at drilling down through the layers, sourcing the essential messages that are waiting to be revealed and shared with those that are hungry for the truth.

Through her work with Concordia’s Intersectionality Research Hub, she was driven to analyse current divisive issues that are fueled by social inequalities. Drawing from her strong commitment to social justice, Aurelia excelled as a coordinator at Cinema Politica, banging the drum for independent filmmaking, local activism, civic education and engagement.

After completing her Masters in Media and Communications, Aurelia was searching for the right setting to use her critical thinking abilities and talent for detailed research. She came to Phil to find other changemakers and be part of the revolution towards a sustainable future.

Hailing from the land of highest per capita coffee consumers and home to the world’s greatest heavy metal music fan base, Aurelia will surprise you at every turn with her encyclopedic knowledge of popular films. Her well-stamped Finnish passport is a testament to her love affair with traveling and the discovery of new cultures.