Dominique Gagnon

This gregarious account director comes well equipped to find common ground with clients and creative production teams alike, always keeping the fine balance needed to make projects a success.

Her educational background in Business Administration / HR / Marketing from HEC did not lead her directly to her current career path – it was her interest in the world of winter sports that opened the gateway for Dominique. Through her agency experience working with sport industry clients, she cut her teeth on high-paced experiential marketing campaigns while developing her emotional intelligence managing multiple intense accounts – keeping both external and internal teams moving forward to meet their goals.

Taking pulse and wanting to ground her life on a more even keel, Dominique chose Phil as part of a new, more humane, rhythm for her future. Being proud of the not-for-profit organizations she engages with on a daily basis is an important factor for this busy mom. Knowing that her energy can be channeled towards those doing good makes it easier for her to go home at the end of a long day and share nothing but positive vibes with her family.

Sport has always been omnipresent in her life – because she knows that it is essential as an outlet for all of the energy she has stored up inside. She is very passionate about boards – snowboards, wakeboards, longboards, and even non-profit boards, having seated on the Quebec Snowboard Association. If you ever catch Dominique relaxing, she will undoubtedly have a chilled glass of something bubbly in her hand to accompany her ever-present smile.