Eli Lazaris

Working with major retail and digital brands encouraged Eli to explore how visual direction means offering a decisive path to the client’s desired outcome.

He understands that design is an evolving process where you have to pay attention and listen first. He has worked on a variety of mandates ranging from start-ups needing full branding and strategic development to well established products needing a fresh face to gain better market positioning.

Eli knows that creativity and inspiration are not readily available on tap and he believes that nurturing and developing the creative process is essential to establish lasting results. That is how this artistic maverick came to work at Phil, raising the profiles of mission-driven organizations through his creation of beautiful and functional designs. Eli made a conscious choice to work collaboratively with the people that are dedicated to improving humanity and applies his experience where his values are echoed.

He can often be seen paddleboarding on Lake St. Louis when he is not recharging his creative batteries in Greece, reading books on the psychology of design, asking himself existential questions, and eating kiwis like apples. He loves art and design both equally and passionately.