Elissa Mrad

Human Resources Lead, she/her

Elissa whole-heartedly enjoys empowering changemakers and nailing down solutions.

With ease she stays focused on operations and HR pursuits, infusing heart into everything she does: she takes the human part in “human resources” seriously. The social sector is the perfect place for Elissa to be, because she knows how to emphatically show her love for others through her work, ultimately inspiring long-term, profound change. It is in Elissa’s nature to listen to others with unwavering patience. Through her HR experience in advertising agencies and manufacturing, she has developed a keen sense of observation and has become even more curious about the intricacies of human behaviour.

Having been fond of the concept of HR before she could even put a name to it, Elissa did not need to do much exploring before landing on her favourite profession. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on HR Management in Lebanon, she achieved a Master of Industrial Relations degree at Université de Montréal and hit the ground running, looking into all things human resources for Phil. Elissa is very interested in putting theories into practice at a B Corp and developing new internal policies and procedures that will grow the company’s talent pipeline and improve operations.

Outside of human resources, Elissa greatly enjoys volunteering for non-profits around the world. Music is essential for her to get through the day, and she enjoys musicians like Efisio Cross and Vivaldi to help keep her motivated and grounded. 

A peek into Elissa’s life

Constantly looking to improve, Elissa lives by Sean Patrick Flanery’s wisdom, “do something today that your future self will thank you for.”