Elissa Mrad

Elissa takes the human part in “human resources” seriously.

She loves putting her outstanding communications and interpersonal skills to use to improve the lives of employees and collaborators. With her HR experience in advertising agencies and manufacturing, she has developed a keen sense of observation and has become even more curious about the intricacies of human behavior.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on HR Management in Lebanon, she is finishing off a Master of Industrial Relations degree at Université de Montréal and hitting the ground running, looking into all things human resources for Phil. She is very interested in putting theories into practice at a B Corp and participating in the development of new internal policies and procedures that will help grow the company’s talent pipeline and improve operations.

Elissa found that Phil’s vision and mission aligned wonderfully with her own values. She is happy to contribute to the company’s human resource strategy and looks forward to participating in the implementation of many of its innovative practices.

Elissa’s passion for people extends to the musical realm as well. She really enjoys being part of a choir, and occasionally practices singing on her own in the shower. She is particularly fond of the Queen of Night’s aria in Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute. Her bedside table might be littered with self-development books on occasion, but more recently, you will find highlighted articles needed for the completion of her dissertation thesis.