Ella Fitzhugh

Communications Coordinator, they/she

Ella conducts profound research and produces eye-catching social media posts, writing with the understanding that each word can better highlight an organizations’ core identity and story.

As a recent psychology graduate from McGill University, this critical thinker embraces the writing process they developed while taking on the role of News Editor for the university’s student-run newspaper, The McGill Tribune. Ella is proficient in reaching audiences and uncovering the untold narratives – clearly a consequence of an inquisitive mind, a passion for stories, and being a skilled active listener.

They are a strong believer that structured planning and organization are key to any great communications initiative. Her academic interests pushed her into the realm of neuroscience and new media algorithms, and provided insight into social issues that peaked her curiosity, like the psychology of discrimination and exploitative labor.

Ella’s values are incorporated into her daily life. She is committed to environmental sustainability, understands the power of collective activism, and is a crafty vegetarian. She volunteers her time connecting with Montreal’s isolated aging population and fostering feline friends. Joining Phil’s strong-willed group of creative thinkers dedicated to advancing social sector impact gave way to an utterly profound epiphany – what is the point of working if not towards the betterment of society?

Outside of her daily time spent brainstorming and writing, Ella is a fervent nature lover, who seeks any opportunity to sit outside and be still. 

A peek into Ella’s life

When in a rut, they turn to the quote, “you can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” — C.S. Lewis.