Epenge Kabasele

Epenge takes the study of human behaviour seriously. 

She understands how important it is to effectively draw out the essential qualities that a team possesses in order to complete a project.

Her interest in the human aspects of project management led her to become a Certified Professional Scrum Master I, where she learned how to successfully harness collective energy in the face of constant uncertainty.

With her Masters in Project Management from ESG-UQAM and her Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy from Concordia University, this consummate professional knows that her skill set goes beyond optimizing the human dynamics of any group effort. Her extensive experience working for socially minded enterprises in Canada and abroad has taught her the value of informal education, the sharing of knowledge, and its role in the global social economy.

Always analytical in nature, Epenge believes that a better human experience is possible, if you take the time to figure out the best way to attain it. She is constantly inspired to act. As a student, along with 4 other friends, she spearheaded Concordia’s Initiative for a Conflict-Free Campus, to raise awareness about the global conflict-mineral trade tied to the increasing dependence on disposable consumer electronics.

She is a person who is attracted to creating memorable experiences and volunteers for events like Festival International Nuits d’Afrique, Just for Laughs, and for local organizations within the Congolese community in Montreal. She once spent 10 days on a silent retreat near Montebello contemplating the important things in life and concluded that listening to your inner self is an exercise in trust and love.