Frédéric Raguenez

Frédéric has excellent insight in the management and development of communications and marketing projects – he has been a master in his field for over 15 years.

He knows the full scope that needs to be taken into account for success to happen – on large or small-scale endeavors.

Solving problems and anticipating issues are second nature to him. His experience working at a not-for-profit publishing house gave him a taste for the sector he holds dear to his heart. He came to Phil because he values “humans working for humanity” and Phil’s mission was a clear fit.

This creative spirit can converse easily in French, English and Italian. But you will find that he would rather be listening to you – he feels that listening is underrated and strives to bring the art of back to life, one human interaction at a time. In his leisure time Frederic can be found perusing the Fantasy and Science Fiction shelves of his local bookshop.