George Lahdo


George is Phil’s numbers man.

Hailing from Concordia’s John Molson School of Business, by way of Aleppo, this quiet mastermind is already coming up with ideas on how to make Phil’s books an accountant’s dreams. The only member of the Phil team that admits to loving both Canadian winters and the intricacies of financial projections, George brings his accounting skills and positive outlook on life to work each day.

Starting a grassroots student organization to help meet the basic needs of children affected by the Syrian war shaped George’s view of community. He now knows that every action counts – no matter how small.

Don’t be surprised if you see George riding a Bixi to the office during the summer. It was just three years ago that he took his first ride on two wheels. He is always looking for opportunities to continue his learning – whether it is the latest accounting software or current taxation regulations, George is eager to set the bar higher for himself.