Jasmine Fortin

With over twenty years of experience in philanthropic management, strategic business development and marketing, Jasmine brings her passion for the plural sector to every new project she dives into.

Having been a Director of Communications, Financing and Philanthropy, for a wide range of causes including the environment (Biosphère de Montréal), cultural (McCord Museum), health (Heart and Stroke Foundation), education (Concordia University), among others, allows Jasmine to propose proven methodology and tap into her rich network to source creative solutions.

Being a professional who appreciates complex situations and seeks original, creative and sustainable outcomes, Jasmine sought out a community of like-minded experts at Phil in order to help not-for-profits and mission-driven businesses amplify their mission. This bilingual dynamo facilitates honest discussions and always brings a positive outlook to the most challenging obstacles facing clients.

A great lover of the outdoors and walks in the forest with her dog, Tobie, Jasmine is also a volunteer member of the board of directors of Plein Air Sainte-Adèle. She is an outstanding cook and has a passion for fine arts. You can often find her contemplating still life, as she is also an amateur painter.