Katie John

Communications, she/her

Both a precise linguist and a passionate wordsmith, Katie creates impactful content, adapting to every client’s unique needs.

Originally from a small village in Wales, Katie has always been adventurous. A devoted francophile, Katie spent much of her youth on rainy train station platforms reading Baudelaire and Camus. She dreamed of living abroad, speaking French every day, and carrying baguettes home on a bicycle.

Years later, her dream would come true. She went on to study French and Linguistics at Edinburgh University, a global top 5 university for her subject. She worked hard and excelled. Katie’s confidence grew further while studying Linguistics abroad in the French Alps. Around this time, she began to learn other languages, write, and translate. This work eventually brought her to Montreal, the bilingual city of her dreams.

These days, Katie spends her time translating and creating impactful and thoughtful content for Phil. She also makes video courses on Phonetics. She is proud of how interdisciplinary her career path has been so far. Her professional career began at a media agency in Berlin, where she worked primarily on European Commission campaigns. Katie’s translation portfolio spans a variety of sectors, from banks and universities to tech startups and tearooms. 

A peek into Katie’s life

Being British, Katie believes in the power of a good cuppa tea.