Lauren MacDonald

At the University of Waterloo, Lauren has been actively researching the intersection of climate policy, social innovation, and climate justice because she is convinced that sustainable development is the only way forward for humanity.

Her goal is to understand the practical application of sustainable development policies and what that action looks like at a local level.

When Phil’s sustainable development goals (SDG) project presented itself, Lauren knew that she would be able to see some concrete examples of social innovation within the context of a business on a mission. Lauren is keen on creating dynamic partnerships in the nonprofit sector between different organizations bound by a common understanding and vision of the SDGs. 

Her experience as a mentor for Technovation Girls, a global tech education nonprofit that empowers girls to become leaders and creators, gave her the opportunity to support a group of 10 year old girls trying to solve a big problem in their community. By framing their app development project within the framework of the SDGs Lauren, helped the team think about solutions in a different way, leading them to be selected as a top example to be featured in the 2020 Technovation app gallery.

Being so dedicated to sustainability as a concept has naturally led Lauren to apply it in practice within her own life. She is a consummate second-hand clothing shopper and even took on sewing for the first time during the pandemic to see if she could transform cloth into stylish apparel using only willpower and Youtube as a guide. In Ottawa, she keeps fit by participating in recreation volleyball, a sport she has been addicted to for over 12 years now.