Maureen Donato

This seasoned strategic fundraising advisor specializes in analyzing fundraising opportunities and creating key relationship for not-for-profits.

Her skill at wielding the pen turns the grant application process from a sometimes daunting challenge into a walk in the park for the organizations that revel in her talent.

Stemming from her academic roots at Cornell University, Maureen has been finding funds for innovative research in social work, medical advances, and mental health at McGill University since moving to Montreal from Atlanta 9 years ago. While living in Paris and Brussels, Maureen gained important insight into how the culture of funders affects the relationships they create with not-for-profits.

Maureen knows the ingredients to the secret sauce that makes a grant application outstanding. During her time at The Carter Center, she helped fund projects in more than 20 countries fueling the fight on rare tropical diseases around the world.

She guides organizations through the labyrinth of sources, the various structures, and the essential follow-up needed for small shops or large international institutions to succeed at fundraising.

In her spare time Maureen enjoys comedy shows, traveling the world, and hosting a mojito-enhanced book club. Being a mother to three teenage boys has helped her triathlon training – she is all about endurance, discipline and most importantly – heart.