Mauricio Dias

Expert at the art of pivoting, this versatile web technician immersed himself into the world of information technology over 7 years ago in Brazil.

Although his undergraduate degree in the performing arts allowed him to follow his curiosity for people and their creative processes, he made the exciting decision to apply his many talents to the digital world, becoming well versed in WordPress, PHP, and Javascript. His quest for the bugless website often keeps him up at night going over possible solutions!

Ready to embark on a new adventure, Mauricio joined Phil’s in-house development team full of energy and looking to learn from his co-workers. He quickly picked up the vibe that resonates at Phil – everyone is united in seeing the company thrive. He knows that his curiosity will be fed daily with the many worthy projects needing his midas touch.

Mauricio is someone who is thankful for every growth opportunity that comes his way, he always seizes the moment to explore a different perspective and challenge his own preconceived ideas. You will not be surprised that he is drawn to philosophical discussions, especially when combined with beer and some friendly company. Don’t be shy to try your latest Dad joke on him, he is a big fan of the “classics”.