M.J. Plebon

SEO & Social Media

M.J. approaches every project with a compelling strategy that mobilizes unique digital marketing tactics to speak to the audiences that matter most to your organization.

M.J. is a seasoned coach in public speaking, social media strategy, and search engine optimization (SEO). For more than 45 years he has given informative presentations on technology to public audiences, so he is very familiar with the delicate art of capturing the audience’s attention. M.J. cleverly translated this ability into the language of commanding a search engine’s attention. He is a formidable player in the game of online visibility, always striving to meet the demands of a rapidly-changing technological and social landscape.

At the beginning of his career, M.J. traversed the corporate world in sales, marketing, and executive management. When life compelled him to start his own marketing agency in 2008, he discovered profound delight in supporting people to realize their organizational dreams. As an instructor at Concordia and York Universities, M.J. provides students with enriching courses on social media, SEO, effective speaking, and online marketing. His initial interest in these fields was born after he hit virality on a YouTube video he produced for a summer camp fundraiser; he capitalized on this new ability to garner an audience through catering to the system, such as through SEO, maximizing the impact of video or website content. The opportunity to increase website traffic through behind-the-scenes coding and strategy is one M.J. does not take lightly: he often volunteers his time to support non-profits like Rosie Animal Adoption and the Multiple Sclerosis Society to gain greater web and social media visibility.

Because his teaching subject includes rapidly-changing practices and statistics, M.J.’s weekends consist of curling up with a good book on current trends for online marketing. He does not at all mind technical, so-called “geeky” coding one bit, so he’ll often offer his free time to help friends with their website projects. 

A peek into MJ’s life

On the occasion that he’s not in the marketing zone, M.J. savors time with his family and their dog Cooper.