Moussou Diaby

Accountant, she/her

Logic-oriented and level-headed, Moussou is a natural accounting professional.

She reaches a flow state when untangling and compiling financial reports, not giving the world beyond her bookkeeping a second thought when she gets in the number-crunching groove. Having experience working in demanding corporate environments—including the music, movie, and theatre industries—Moussou was more than ready for the shift to a smaller, more collaborative environment. She simply flourishes where she can work diligently and calmly. Moussou has clear goals of self- and societal improvement that align perfectly with Phil’s mission, which her own words, “I built up my dreams. I carry them out,” inspire her to fulfil.

Moussou loves making pastries, so much so that she thought her day-to-day would involve cranking up the oven, kneading dough, and icing a delicate cake, all before dawn. But it turns out that her first accounting course at Institution Saint-Aspais à Melun in France changed her life path. Apart from accounting, she adores producing impactful written and spoken words, so she decided to publish her own podcast. In her podcast, she speaks of her experience as a Black woman who pursues the accountant life and often travels the world alone. 

A peek into Moussou’s life

Listening to her podcast would also tell you that Moussou is a lover of all things, especially animals, and she counts her blessings while watching her dog sleep at her feet as she works from home.