Nicolas Taylor

Admin and IT Coordinator, he/him

Sharp, organised, and innovative, Nicolas handles all things web development and IT support, always tending carefully to the details that elevate websites’ functionality.

Web development is his specialty, and he reliably and efficiently performs at a high standard: he is a master at wireframing and rendering web pages, adding multimedia, and ensuring websites are stable. Much the analytical thinker, Nicolas loves to problem-solve, especially when finding the solution is tricky: Fixing what’s broken is his forte. Nicolas never shies away from an opportunity to collect new information and tackle even more difficult problems.

Nicolas’ excellence shines especially when he’s among a team that shares his values of hard work and critical thinking. Capitalising on this ability, he has worked for Phil for 6 years, developing deep knowledge on how to program websites, creating a smoother user experience. As part of the Canadian Armed Forces, Nicolas received formal training in information technology and communication systems lending to his position as an Army Communications Information Systems Specialist. In this role, he worked primarily with radios learning the importance of clear and concise communication. Web development is ultimately what he loves, and he navigates the world wide web with ease and patience, meticulously breaking down complex challenges into manageable pieces.

On the weekends Nicolas loves playing leisurely sports games outside and going for beautiful hikes. On a rainy day you can find him playing a range of video games or board games. 

A peek into Nicolas’ life

In Nicolas’ day-to-day, he takes Dustin Hoffman’s words and puts them to practise, “if you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now.”