Patricia Fillmore

Translation, She/her

Patricia creatively transforms writing from English to French, translating content for many audiences to easily access an organisation’s core message.

She simultaneously ensures both the meaning and grammar are aligned, critical to bilingual communications. She harnesses global concepts in both languages to create excellent work in a timely fashion. With her meticulous approach to translation, she accurately completes the puzzle, arranging each sentence for maximal clarity.

Patricia has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in French Literature from McGill University. A bit of her journey also includes professional dancing while she was at Dalhousie University, completing her first Bachelor’s degree, this one in Chemistry. Although she dedicated many hours to dancing, she ultimately adores language learning so much that she decided to pursue teaching it—Patricia worked at Villa Maria High School in Montreal, Quebec for 20 years teaching French as a second language. Writing is central to her love of the French language. Having written a collection of short stories on mother-daughter relationships during her Master’s degree, she skillfully crafts every line to make any story shine. Also a big thinker, Patricia loves to work with clients in innovative areas of social impact; she is constantly seeking out new opportunities like these to expand and apply her knowledge.

Exploring her many interests fills up her spare time. Out of all her hobbies, she has pursued pottery-making for the longest, and her apartment is adorned with beautifully-crafted mugs. Patricia also belongs to an eclectic assortment of clubs: folk dance club, choir club, hiking club, and craft exchange club to name a few.

A peek into Patricia’s life

In her day-to-day life she reminds herself of Vincent Van Gogh quote, ”If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”