5 reasons to consider Caritas

Caritas is a smart, creative & affordable solution for your third party fundraising initiatives.

We want to help your supporter network to raise money on your behalf, both online and off, with simple and effective tools that you can use for years to come. Here’s how Caritas and Phil’s experienced team can help:

1. Raise money fast: it’s much less expensive than other fundraising initiatives and it reaches a target group more inclined to give. A peer-to-peer campaign generally costs less than 5% of the total money you will raise. Plus, pretty much everyone is more likely to give to someone they know. That makes for a pretty amazing combination.

2. Expand your reach: When an organisation targets only existing donors, it can only hope that their donor base will make a contribution. When an organisation targets fundraisers instead, it will be able to tap into each fundraiser’s individual network of contacts, reach people they never would have reached and increase conversions because they will be leveraging supporters to do the asking. A P2P strategy can transform 10, 20 donors into hundreds of new contacts that allow you to engage them and develop a relationship with your organisation. And all of this in a relatively short period of time.

3. Perfect for those periods between events: it’s not necessary to link a P2P fundraising initiative to one of your events. What’s important to remember is that it can work anytime, for anything, and can actually serve as the perfect bridge between your seasonal fundraising events, producing a sustainable stream of revenue during your “off months.”

4. Serving your donors to better serve you: not only does Caritas help you reach new targets and increase your donation base, but it also helps you be more efficient with your time and resources. Unlike other fundraising tools, Caritas offers strategic input, creative development and above all, support throughout.

5. Complete campaign planning: Caritas isn’t just an online fundraising tool for your donor base: it’s the poster that will be used at the event, the flyer your fundraisers will distribute to their network, the social media icons, the printed donation forms, and more. Caritas offers the advantage others won’t: a full fledge campaign strategy from beginning to end.

We won’t sell you a product and walk away: we think with you, we design for you and we support you!

Contact us today to find out how to scale your impact with a peer-to-peer Caritas campaign.