Social Media Strategy for Schools

Is the process of Social Media bogging you down?

…not finding its way into your School’s Admissions, Communications and Development plans?

Work with Phil to help you maximize these important digital channels.

A key factor in having a successful online presence and reaching the broadest audience possible is by having a strong plan and a strong brand. This ensures consistency within the message and allows your team to move from a reactive to a proactive approach to your online communications.

Phil’s Social Media Summer School is designed to have you up to speed and ready for the 2017-2018 school year, with all of your social media bases covered.

We’ll provide:

  • A full review of your Social media footprint
  • The creation of a social media plan and annual calendar
  • The development of customized social media content that properly resonates within your school walls
  • Integration of this content into your school’s annual overall communications plan
  • Best practices for managing your online community

Who will ultimately benefit?

  • Your Development Office
  • Your Admissions Team
  • Your School’s main stakeholders (students, staff, alumni)

Let’s get started!

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