The Phil B Corp Love Story

At Phil, we’ve learned over the years that values don’t fall from the sky. They are grown organically from the actions of every member of our small and skilled team. The summed harvest of these decisions, both seen and secret, nourish the core values of our organisation.

What has always made us different as a company is that Phil’s people choose greater good over profit. We are blown away every day by the stories of grit, vision, and guts we get to help our clients tell. From them, we live and breathe humility, so saying we’re just like them without backing it up never felt fully justified.

So when we first heard about Benefit Corporation (B Corp) in 2014, it was like finding a soul mate. We couldn’t believe it wasn’t created just for Phil…but then we realized, it was.

Becoming B Corp Certified was exactly the answer we had been searching for: a method for measuring our behaviour so we weren’t lost in the din of companies claiming their stake on certain values and clambering on the sustainability wagon.

Being a Certified B Corp means we meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. Phil’s impact on our employees, our community, our environment, and our clients was extensively evaluated.

But now, our decisions can finally talk for us. This is when the real work begins to redefine success in business.

Becoming B Corp certified is much more than just a lifetime achievement award. Maintaining our B Corp status means we are continually challenged to be held accountable for our actions.

And above all, we’ve found our tribe. As a B Corp, we are leaders of the global movement doing business as a force for good. We’ve joined the ranks of people like us who are going to work every day challenging their businesses to do good and do it better.