B’ing part of the B Corp movement

An international community of over 2,400 B Corps (to date) are redefining success in business beyond the bottom line.It’s growing globally, and across every industry. And Phil is proud to be part of this movement.

Here at Phil, we make social impact our business. Since our purpose is to support the organizations making meaningful change in our community, our clients have always inspired us to consider our own business and how we can have a positive impact, too. And, so, at Phil we’ve always combined our business profit with social purpose. It’s only recently that we realized we weren’t alone.

February marks the one year anniversary since we passed the B Lab’s impact assessment and officially earned our certification as a B Corp! With that certification we were officially recognized as using our business as a force for good and joined this growing B Corp movement. Today we continue to challenge ourselves while aligning what we do and how we do it to our bigger aspirations for our community and the planet.

A little over a year ago we completed an in depth analysis and evaluation our social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, and how our performance in these categories impacts our employees, our community, our environment, and our clients. To become a Certified B Corp, Phil had to outperform the industry average, and get a score of at least 80 out of a possible 200 points across five sets of performance standards: governance, workers, community, customers and environment. Incredibly, we did that and more! Have a look at how we did!

At Phil we work hard to see that our clients’ thrive, and inspire others to action. Attaining our B Corp Certification ensures that every move we make moves us forward in driving (even more) positive impact on our employees, our environment, our community, and of course, our clients! As a member of the B Corp community, we also have new ways of engaging with our clients and helping reflect on the possibility of making a profit while doing good. – we’re even helping some of our clients to explore the possibility of becoming a B Corp themselves!

What’s next for us?

2017 was a year filled with collaboration and exploration with our new B Corp friends and allies, giving us a renewed commitment to our mission. And the best part? It doesn’t stop here. Our work as a B Corp is never done. One thing you can expect from us before the next B Corporation Champions retreat in September 2018, is to meet all three of our goals in the Inclusive Economy Challenge. We are committed to outperforming ourselves when we assess our impact again as part of our recertification next year. We aren’t just maintaining our B Corp certification. We are continuously improving both what and how we do the work we do for you, our valued clients.