Concordia University’s Co-op Program

Concordia’s Co-op Program is currently posting work term mandates for next summer.

Students who join Concordia’s Co-op program alternate between semesters of full-time study, and semesters of full-time work (work terms). This educational model is gaining popularity, and this Co-op program now counts close to 1700 students from over 30 programs. They are constantly working to expand their list of employer partners. And, we know that with this increasing demand from students, they must reach out to a wider variety of employers to create and discover new opportunities.

Employers have a lot to gain. Concordia’s students stand out as some of the most motivated and dedicated. Significant tax credits are available (around 24% of a Co-op student’s salary). Employers can reduce costs by hiring co-op students for short-term needs like parental leaves and special projects, free up current staff for other tasks, evaluate future employees and in turn, recruit top students before they graduate.

Concordia co-op

How it works: Co-op students do paid internships that last approximately 4 months, extendable up to 8 months, and correspond to the University’s academic semesters. Some employers hire several students every semester to keep costs down, evaluate future talent and so on. Other employers hire occasionally for things like maternity leaves, sabbaticals, special projects, etc.

Why hire co-op students: They are bilingual, amongst Concordia’s most promising and industrious students, from over 35 disciplines. Employers in Quebec may also get a tax credit covering 24% of the student’s salary. All services are free of charge. It is an outstanding opportunity to scout for new talent.

How to hire: Simply send them a job description(s) and they will post the opportunity for their students, then they will send you the students candidate applications. They will arrange the interviews at the Co-op office, or at your office, or by phone. You are never obliged to hire a co-op student just because you post with them or do interviews. Co-op always welcomes your organization (department) to do presentations, information sessions, workshops and recruitment events with their students at the Co-op Institute.

On the job: They will ask that you establish performance objectives with the student, keep them busy and challenged. You will be required to fill out a performance evaluation form at the end of the internship. Co-op will visit you in person partway through the internship to ensure the student’s performance is to your expectations.

To find out more, visit http://www.concordia.ca/academics/co-op.html or download the program’s Employer Brochure.

You can also contact Concordia’s coop office at:
[email protected] or 514-848-2424 x 3950.