Women are changing business as usual

Recently featured in Forbes magazine, a fascinating group of  B Corp entrepreneurs want radical change in business leadership

Montreal, March 9th, 2021 – The pandemic has completely changed business models and consumption habits around the world. What if this is also an opportunity to make big changes in management styles and business values? What if the old “normal” was actually the problem? A group of female B Corp entrepreneurs known as WeTheChange, many of them innovative Canadians, are taking a stand and making their collective voices heard.

Last February, WeTheChange was featured in Forbes magazine, showcasing these exceptional women from around the world and their kind of leadership which is better “suited for our swiftly evolving society that will no longer resemble the hierarchical, top-down style pervasive in past years”, according to the article. Their goal this year is to use the upheaval caused by the pandemic as a lever for social change. To that end, collectively, members have taken concrete action within the Black Lives Matter movement and they have made their voices heard in the midst of the American election campaign. 

“We believe that companies whose mission is strictly focused on profit are one of the causes of the many societal failures. Leaders must be vehicles for social change. Trust in them has waned and we want to call for a leadership style that is radically focused on social impact,” says Kim Fuller, president and founder of Phil, a marketing and consulting agency dedicated to mission driven organizations.

Last year, Edelman presented its 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer. It revealed that stakeholder confidence in business leaders is clearly proportional to their ability to effect social change beyond established boundaries or a strict “business framework”. WeTheChange, with more than 800 women entrepreneurs from around the world, definitely intends to take advantage of these business upheavals to impose a new way of thinking about entrepreneurial leadership. In May 2019, they signed the “WeTheChange Declaration” which took a clear step in this direction by adhering to social principles that the world needs.

WeTheChange: Committing to a new model

Founded in the United States in 2018, this collective of businesswomen has built itself on three founding pillars: promoting social activism within their organizations, investing both heart and soul in decision-making, and radically provoking social inclusion. “Our companies are a force for uniting social and environmental change with sustainable economic growth. Together, we aim to bring as many innovative women entrepreneurs to the table and, in doing so, change the world,” Kim Fuller says proudly.

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