Kim Fuller

Founder & CEO, she/her

With over 25 years of experience as a key player working with local, national, and international charities in marketing and fundraising, Kim is a force to reckon with. 


She boils down complicated strategies and issues to make them bite-sized and simple, making each step towards progress a lot easier than often anticipated. As she leads her B corporation to thrive, she radiates her intrinsic values of equity, collaboration, and determination, never settling for less. To do this, Kim mobilizes her creativity and wit to reach and surpass collective goals.

Raised by two entrepreneurs in the advertising industry, Kim had known from a young age she wanted to follow suit in some capacity. It was while working with charities as a freelance graphic designer that the social sector issued a clarion call: take action to improve the impact of organizations. When she founded Phil she was a sponge, soaking up every learning opportunity thrown at her. And, while the first three years of entrepreneurship were the most difficult, her own fiery curiosity fueled her desire to build a company that changes people’s lives. She often says her biggest inspiration is Phil’s clients, who manage to persevere in the face of what seem like insurmountable obstacles. Today, Kim is busy leading a team of dedicated professionals who provide the holistic solution for all social sector organisation needs.

Cayenne, the Mira dog she fostered with her family, has helped Kim reach the perfect balance of spending time in nature—taking the friendly canine on long walks—and assiduously organising Phil’s pursuits.

Kim was awarded the Artistri Sud Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2018 and is a recipient of the Governor General of Canada’s Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers.

Her volunteer work includes:


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A peek into Kim’s life

Kim is an undeniable inspirational quote lover, and she is a champion of the words quoted from James Gordon, “be better today than you were yesterday.”