Our commitments to the world’s to-do list

Phil’s Impact Strategy

We believe that the question is no longer if a business should have a purpose other than profit, but how. Good intentions unmeasured are just words. As a B Corp, we promised to be accountable as a business by measuring, improving, and communicating our positive impact in the world.

Our impact strategy lays out how we are embedding outcomes-based decision-making in our core business strategy. Please reach out if you would like to read our whole strategy!

The journey towards more impact – adopting the SDGs

Phil continues to be committed to the 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development as a way to measure our impact on this planet. This pushed Phil to establish clear outcomes and ongoing measurement to truly show the progress we are making. We created a tailored social sector process for measuring and reporting our impact knowing that if every organization took action on the world’s to-do-list, we could create a true social sector synergy.

Phil’s impact objectives

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework emphasizes the interconnectedness of people, planet, prosperity, and peace – what better way to make an impact locally and globally! Through both our direct actions and projects realized with our clients and partners, we are committed to advancing 13 sustainable development goals. Here are some examples:

What kind of impact have we made so far?


  • Inclusive & accessible design guidelines
    We are working on embedding these principles in all our work in order to provide options for the full range of human diversity to experience our products and services rather than a single, one-size-fits-all offering. So far, we have developed company guidelines for accommodating clients with disabilities, we have developed tip sheets for our production & marketing teams, and we are auditing our website and other marketing assets to make sure they respect the principles of inclusive & accessible design. Our team is also actively working on sharing these diversity and inclusion practices with our clients and suppliers for greater impact.
  • A portion of net profits donated to the community
    There are so many incredible organizations and communities to support and we believe that moving resources in the direction of social change means supporting the efforts led by people most impacted by injustice. We researched and compiled a list of organizations led by underserved and underrepresented communities that we can support. At the end of our fiscal year every September, as a team, we decide where to give a portion of our net profits..
  • Wellness benefits for employees
    We have implemented several wellness initiatives that focus on the holistic well-being of individuals as people rather than just workers. This includes a wellness stipend for health and wellness expenses for employees and we have undergone several team reflection sessions on bringing empathy into the workplace.
  • Home office sustainability
    As a 100% remote workplace, we support team members in making informed decisions about virtual office sustainability by identifying and sharing environmentally preferred vendors and practices for the home office and beyond. We are also committed to ensuring safe and responsible hazardous waste disposal of office supplies. Change starts by understanding what is at stake and what can be done individually and collectively.