Being flexible to respond to a diminishing donor base and clearly differentiating their role as a pillar of the community are realities facing institutions today. At the same time, institutions must make up for the government’s limited funding in innovative research and technology, and communicate this funding dilemma to the public.

Key challenges

Maximizing creativity

Well-established practices in fundraising often overlook creative elements that transform a traditional campaign into a stellar experience for donors. Having the ability to be nimble and respond to opportunities means having strategically evaluated your path — knowing how it serves your mission — and then having the resources to jump forward at the right moment.

Partnership strategies

Identifying the right partners to collaborate with on innovative research or capital projects is more than a match-making process. Being able to position your institution as a forerunner in the sector by leading the way to a more collaborative approach to solving societal issues allows you to stand out in a competitive funding landscape.

Keeping pace with technology

Investing in up-to-date technology is often a hard sell when the importance of operating a lean organization is the resonating mantra around the boardroom table. From SEO to donor list segmentation, technology highlights where additional resources need to be directed to increase impact.

Case study

McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management

Founded in 1906, the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University is ranked as one of the world’s top international business schools by BusinessWeek, Canadian Business, Forbes, The Economist and the Financial Times.


Phil designed St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation’s Caregiver’s Guidebook to accompany the launch of Health Experiences. Phil produced an English and a French version of the guidebook and provided prompt delivery of both electronic and printed document in time for the Annual General Meeting. All members of the Phil staff were a pleasure to work with, very professional and able to respond quickly to requests for changes and offer solutions to problems. We are extremely pleased to associate with Phil and will most definitely count on them for future projects.

Cindy Aikman

Manager - Communications & Marketing, St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation

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