What we do

We help you breathe easier.

Whether you’re local or international, grassroots or institutional, we always begin the same way: by asking the right questions, carefully listening,  and building a deep understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve.

From idea to outcome.

Whether we’re helping you with strategic planning, fundraising, communications or tech — the benefits are clear. Our team of passionate individuals are dedicated to using their collective brainpower for your mission. Here’s a closer look at what we provide:

Strategy & Planning

We build strategic plans that provide direction and clarity to your entire organization. We’re careful to set attainable outcomes based on your current reality, but we always try to push the limits of what’s possible and help you see beyond the existing landscape.

Research & Analytics

Thorough audits of both the internal and external environments reveal insights that create more effective strategies for achieving your goals. We leverage all available data to understand and segment your audience, optimize your message, and measure the impact of your actions.

Communications & Branding

Strategy, content, and creativity must come together to develop effective communications plans, memorable brands, and successful awareness campaigns. It’s critical that your audience is engaged in a meaningful conversation with your brand or cause.

Fundraising & Partnerships

We build and execute campaigns that take a modern approach to traditional fundraising. Donor profiling, targeted grant-writing, social media, peer-to-peer fundraising, and countless new technologies have created opportunities to drive engagement with donors. Managing partnerships is a cornerstone of effective fundraising. We connect our clients with partners that share their values and have a genuine desire to promote and support their cause.

Design & Creative

We began our journey as a design studio so many years ago. Today, our creative team includes graphic artists, writers, and multidisciplinary individuals that deliver inventive concepts, exciting campaigns, and content that moves people.

Digital & Social Media

The first encounter with your organization is now happening online, where your audience is forming an opinion about you based on what you say — and what you don’t. Whether you want to reach clients, donors, funders, or partners through social media, your website, email, or paid advertising, a firm and confident digital handshake is needed.

Governance & Training

The ultimate responsibility of governance is to the health of the organization. We work with boards and individual board members to solve a wide range of challenges. We frequently help boards develop attainable goals, restructure funding models, improve communication with the organization’s executives, and plan for succession. 

Events & Public Relations

Most of the time, we’re planning a celebration or charity event. But every so often, we’re helping neutralize a crisis. Whether it’s a public festival or a public failure, we provide the essentials — communications, logistics, reputation management, and peace of mind — that make all the difference.

What we do begins with you.

Working with us means having an honest conversation about your goals — and the challenges you are currently facing. Our approach is simple, but proven: we remove the roadblocks, draw a detailed map, and guide you to your destination.


We take the time to understand the complete picture and see things clearly from your perspective.

Removing obstacles

We eliminate roadblocks to have a clear view of what lies ahead.

Planning for the future

Together, we create an action plan that serves your mission, sparks innovation, and accelerates progress.

Empowering your organization

We provide the tools, strategies, and training needed to take action and amplify your impact.

Our approach


The conversation begins with you. We want to hear your voice, perspective, and vision. Your reality, where you’ve succeeded, and where you feel you can do better. Empathy helps us establish a strong foundation upon which trust, collaboration, and amazing things can be built.

Removing Pressure

Often, immediate needs must be met in order to have a clear path forward. We work quickly to solve your short-term challenges, while crucially maintaining an understanding of how each action fits into your long-term success.

Setting Direction

A sound strategy is one that outlines the path you must take to accomplish your mission. Taking into account your unique reality, we bring innovative practices that will accelerate your progress along the path ahead.

Fueling Progress

We provide the guidance and support needed to execute your plan. From branding and communications to coaching and training, our ultimate goal is to maximize your impact.

Our actions in action.

Explore our latest projects and see how our passion comes to life.