Phil’s Primer on Being Bold

People of Earth and especially those working diligently for social causes, hear this: for too long we have been divided by different priorities and interests, each taking small steps in different directions trying to achieve our modest goals.

This mediocracy must end now. It is time for boldness.

Shared challenges are crying out for solutions – we need shared approaches to tackle them. With less than ten years left to achieve the world’s sustainable development goals (SDG), the revolutionaries at Phil are taking a stance against disillusionment and inaction. We are hurling our hopes at the stars knowing full well the deck is currently stacked against us – but we believe in the power of true synergies.

We know the SDGs are universal. They force every nation, sector, business, profession, and every person on this planet to transform and rethink the way we live. The SDGs implore us to rebuild the systems that are ravaging our ecological and human health.

This metamorphosis cannot be left up to ever changing governments, vested lobbyists, deal makers, policy people, and the so-called experts of the world. It is up to us and the individual organizations, forward thinking businesses, grassroot community initiatives, and innovative financiers to disrupt the status quo.

If you get up in the morning and go to work for change, you must take action on the world’s to-do list. We are challenging you to join us in a collective effort, a true synergy by those working for good. This is it – the SDGs are our common goals. We are calling on you to take action before it’s too late.

Here is what must be done now:

  • Translate the SDGs into a language that resonates with your public and that inspires your community to be changemakers.
  • Showcase the SDGs’ relevance to your organization. No one on earth can do what you do in the precise way that you do it – share your method of moving the dial towards a more equitable world. Don’t keep it a secret – spread your message far and wide!
  • Cause a chain reaction of change. Connect with your sponsors, funders, donors, and clients about the urgency of collaborating on a community level, or even a regional or provincial scope. Let’s change the framework that is limiting us from achieving the SDGs by 2030.

Our goals are simple and transparent, and they resonate with the real people who work in the social sector and beyond. Read our impact strategy here. Gone are the days of complacency, we are in too deep for mediocracy to prevail. It is time for action and boldness. Join us now!