Who we help

We stand with the world’s changemakers. 

We’ve built long-lasting relationships with remarkable people. We have made a conscious choice to help organizations that align with our mission — to guide people who are solving the world’s problems, supporting and empowering them to make a bigger impact.


The value of consultation and communications is clear to not-for-profits and charities, but the constant demand for financial resources and diverging needs can put a strain on organizations.

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Foundations play a critical role in supporting the hard work of the charitable and not-for-profit sector. Modern foundations are taking advantage of technology and new processes to be more effective and maximize their social impact.

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Long-standing organizations must balance different priorities in a shifting landscape while maintaining their strong cultural heritage as pillars of society.

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Mission-driven businesses

More and more businesses are turning the classic business model on its head and thinking about sustainability and social profit first.

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We love a challenge.

Tell us more about your mission or project and we’ll see how we can help.