Phil participates in Giving Tuesday


You might have heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but did you know about Giving Tuesday?

It’s a coordinated effort across the country to remind us of the importance and the impact of charitable giving. It’s an opportunity to challenge the culture of bargain hunting by infusing a bit more philanthropy into the holiday season. Best of all, it’s a demonstration of the power of participation – where modest gifts and volunteering have big impacts because a community is working together.

CDOR_volunteering_kimThis year Giving Tuesday was held on December 2 and Phil’s team when to Chez Doris to help out with holiday preparations. Chez Doris offers daytime shelter for women in difficulty. Current financial constraints have forced them to cut back on services. Since May 2014, they have been closed on weekends due to a lack of funds. They are desperately looking to raise an additional $150,000 in annual funding in order to re-open on weekends, so every bit of volunteer time or donation of any kind is welcome.

Follow Chez Doris on Facebook where throughout the month of December, they will be posting special stories about women who come to Chez Doris for help and friendship as well as the volunteers and staff who come to their aid. We hope that their stories, will inspire you to make a donation, donate food or other necessities for women need, and/or volunteer.

To find out more about Giving Tuesday, visit their website!