Trafalgar School for Girls

SumHer Camp Program


Trafalgar School prepares its students for a world that will benefit from their genuine intellect, care, passion and drive to make it a better place. Their summer camp for girls aged 9-13 years old needed Phil’s help in launching its registration campaign during a pandemic.


Framing the STEAM activities for girls within a whimsical choice of graphic elements drew the attention of the target audience and quickly enabled the Traf team to fill all of the spots for a summer of fun. The campaign included print ads and social media posts to compliment the webpage that was designed by our team.


Creative elements that are often overlooked can transform a traditional campaign into a stellar experience for potential donors. Having the ability to be nimble and respond to opportunities means having strategically evaluated your path — knowing how it serves your mission — and then having the resources to jump forward at the right moment. Find out how and why you should take the leap now!