Amélie Côté

Art Director, she/her

Personable, clever, and funny, Amélie leads our design team, bringing her strong enthusiasm to each design she collaborates on.

Thanks to her versatility and love of different mediums, she has developed an expertise in branding, layout, design, packaging, and photo retouching. She has been improving her animation skills and gaining a detailed understanding of the complexities (and creative opportunities) of direct mail marketing. Amélie finds so much joy in weaving different team members’ ideas into the finished product, because working as a team elevates her energy tenfold.

What motivates Amélie to tackle each project is the knowledge that successful design can take an organisation further than imaginable. And, with over 16 years of professional experience in design, she has no problem finding and adapting to new artistic techniques to make the final product both creative and current. She contributes to the overall success of each project by planting ideas like seeds and tending to them until they blossom. Amélie decided to dive in deep and delve into the unique possibilities of what graphic design could achieve for social causes.

Amélie hopes the future will see more women being celebrated for their contributions to a sustainable society. When she’s not pondering worldwide solutions, she enjoys working with her hands to up-cycle materials and make arts and crafts. 

A peek into Amélie’s life

Amélie also loves to hike and travel, and she takes Sally Koch’s wisdom, “Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day,” with her everywhere she goes.