Who can resist those beautiful brown eyes? The team at Phil sure can’t – we are falling over each other to see who will take care of walking, feeding, and giving love.

The heavy lifting, of course, goes to Kim, who is a longtime volunteer for the Mira Foundation. This is the fourth puppy that her family has had the privilege to foster, ultimately helping to shape these canine spirits into professional service dogs for people with varied visual or mental challenges. 

Part of the transformation from adorable labernese puppy to certified service dog is a 12-month period of rigorous socialization in various urban contexts. Cayenne comes to the office, goes on an early morning milk run when the coffee supplies are running low, and curls up for afternoon naps in the middle of Phil’s sometimes hectic workspace. During our current pandemic work setup you will likely find her under Kim’s home desk or offering a barky reminder during a Zoom call that it is probably time for a bathroom break!