Katherine Lacefield

Fundraising & Communications, she/her

Katherine is a social sector renaissance woman. Indeed, she is highly certified in fundraising and communications.

She was head of communications for a national philanthropy research network—with a unique specialty in getting people excited about fundraising strategy, particularly grantmaking. Having worked in the nonprofit and philanthropic worlds for the past 15 years, she confidently tackles well-traversed and unique challenges alike, all the while making the process not just painless, but enjoyable for the people she works with.

Katherine’s background saw the combination of a bachelor’s degree in environment and development and certifications in nonprofit management. She learned the nitty gritty of how to register charities, navigate governance, and fundraise. And, when she studied abroad in Panama during her undergraduate degree, she immersed herself in building a transparent connection between the environment and humans, leading her to develop expertise working with nonprofits who centre environmental activism in their missions. This trilingual powerhouse never ceases to amaze.

Self-improvement is at the core of altruism in Katherine’s mind, so she has made it a priority in her personal life. She spends her spare time doing yoga, reading Stephen King, and helping raise her stepson.

A peek into Katherine’s life

When needing guidance, Katherine enlists Margaret Mead’s classic quote, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”