The future of fundraising: fusing strategy and creativity

Phil Communications is excited to announce that it has acquired MULTIPLY Inc., a company specializing in fundraising, strategic planning and governance.

For years Phil has woven fundraising and governance knowledge into the recommendations we give our clients. This is a natural extension of the services we’re already offering non-profits.

We will be bringing Yvette Rambour, the Founder and President of MULTIPLY onboard as a Senior Fundraising Advisor. A sage and seasoned non-profit professional, Yvette will help Phil sharpen our fundraising, planning, and governance consulting capacities.

“When Phil was interested in acquiring MULTIPLY’s consultation services, I was convinced they would be a good fit. To be successful in business you need to have skill, perseverance and passion. And in the non-profit sector, you need to have HEART. Phil has all of these qualities and has demonstrated a level of commitment to the charitable sector that goes above and beyond.” says Yvette Rambour.

“Over the years, we’ve observed that our clients depend on Phil to not only assist them with their creative and communication needs, but to also accompany them in the strategic process and help determine the best courses of action that will help them raise funds and maintain a positive brand. Our new division will allow us to scale and stabilize non-profits more efficiently and create a greater return on investment over a longer-term partnership.” explains Kim Fuller, Phil’s Founder and Creative Director.

With major disruption transforming the social sector (i.e. government cutbacks, increasing donor fatigue, more request for transparency), now more than ever non-profits need to reevaluate, innovate, and focus on sustaining their impact. Otherwise, archaic strategies and practices that don’t fit the realities of the current landscape simply won’t work anymore.

Phil is growing into a one-stop shop where non-profits turn for expert advice on how to connect with their audiences and influence the sector.


About Phil

Founded in 1999, Phil is a social enterprise dedicated to helping non-profits with their fundraising, communications and technology needs. From communication and brand strategy including website design, social media initiatives to fundraising material and IT services, Phil’s team works hard to get non-profits on the right track, helping them raise awareness and ultimately, more money.


MULTIPLY was launched in 2004 to respond to the overwhelming demand for personalized, professional, fundraising assistance in the non-profit sector. MULTIPLY empowers organizations by giving them the means to strengthen their infrastructure and uncover what works best for the organization, through analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of past and present projects, providing training on how to maximize the board’s potential, offering recommendations on how to develop communication tools, and working to develop a realistic action plan that best uses the resources available.