Receive up to $100,000 through the PACME-COVID-19 Program

The Programme actions concertées pour le maintien en emploi (PACME) aims to provide direct support to organizations that are experiencing a reduction in their activities due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including self-employed workers, particularly through collective promoters recognized by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT), i.e. organizations whose actions affect several businesses and individuals in employment.

Phil can help you in terms of :

  • Digital marketing skills training.
  • Ongoing training related to the organization’s activities, whether or not it is directly related to the position held by the trained worker.
  • Training required to resume your organization’s activities.
  • Training related to a strategy for adjusting or modifying your organization’s activities in the context of economic uncertainty related to COVID 19 that allows you to maintain or diversify your organization’s activities.


1) Training projects :

The information required to analyze a project grant is as follows:

A grant application (you can combine all your training courses) to explain the context, the need for training, the objectives, the consequences for the business if the training is not provided, in short, develop a short argument to justify the need for training – if the information is found in the offer of service write “see offer of service”.

Phil’s service offer for each of the training courses (including training plan)

A written document specifying the percentage received by the federal government.

Reimbursement of up to 100% of training expenses, related fees and costs related to human resources management activities, according to the applicable scales (e.g. maximum professional fees at $150/hr).


Means of disseminating training

The following means of disseminating training are eligible :

  • On-line training
  • Distance learning
  • Face-to-face training

For more information visit this page or write to us at [email protected].