CNIB Foundation

Fundraising assets


This non-profit organization is driven to change what it is to be blind by delivering innovative programs and powerful advocacy.

Working with the Quebec division of CNIB on a market specific fundraising campaign challenged our team to create the look and feel needed to incorporate the brand’s striking colour palette; one specifically selected to allow for better contrast. 

For the national organization, Phil developed a new visual style for program reports and donor proposals that worked within the brand guidelines to ensure consistency. Adequate spacing and text size were important considerations to take into account.


Designing with accessibility is essential in removing barriers for people with visual disabilities and is an important way of being inclusive of more audiences. 

The campaign assets met CNIB Quebec’s goal of  visually communicating the purpose of their fundraising initiative, raising money to increase the training opportunities on cell phone applications customized for blind people.  

For CNIB’s national arm, Phil produced magazine-style reports and proposals, using bolder title sizing and images that effectively grabbed readers while respecting the limitations of various digital interfaces used to read content.

Visual Elements

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Reports and proposals


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