Website Development & Impact Report Design


This website makeover for YES was fast and furious! In less than six months we were able to perform a complete site overhaul, recommend new architecture, rewrite content and introduce the organization’s new branding. The site now has a section for employers who can post job offers as well as a database of job seekers with special access to resources and support materials. An easy to use calendar was an essential addition given how many of YES’ activities had moved online during the pandemic.

This organization has continued its partnership with Phil for the second year in a row on the production of their annual report. Phil interviews key stakeholders to provide rich content in line with the theme, develops the art direction from A to Z, and assures that the French language adaptation stays true to the original design.


Phil helped clarify YES’ business and communication objectives and cleaned up the site map and content for better UX and SEO. It was all built on a WordPress platform to create a responsive user-friendly website.

Funders have a brilliant annual report at their disposal that clearly outlines the impact that this long standing organization has in Quebec.

Website Design

Annual Impact Report


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